ReadEasy Move

A portable machine that reads to you!
*Simple to use
*Fast & Accurate
*Clear voices
*20 languages
*Includes custom carry case

Price:  $2,495.00
w/ Keypad Feature Pack, $2,695.00
w/Low Vision Pack, $2,845.00
w/Low Vision Touch Pack, $2,995.00

If you would like near instant and accurate access to printed documents and you find reading with a video magnifier difficult or impossible, then ReadEasy Move could be the solution for you. It translates any printed text into crystal clear speech within seconds. Letters, bank statements, books, product packaging etc. are all read with ease.

With a specially designed, tactile keypad, comprising just 6 buttons, the ReadEasy Move is incredibly simple to operate: Faster speech rate, Slower speech rate, Previous Sentence/Paragraph, Play/Pause, Next Sentence/Paragraph, and Capture.

ReadEasy Move?s camera allows extremely thick books to be photographed and read accurately, without the need to flatten them, damaging their spines.
With the Low Vision and Low Vision Touch packs, you can view your documents at up to x80 magnification in any one of 6 ways. Text is automatically word wrapped and can be read out at any time. This makes reading far easier and faster than with a traditional video magnifier and the unique Overlay view ensures even tabular information like bank statements and diagrams are fully accessible.  Image view is ideal for photographs and hand written text. Column view is the most popular view for long text passages.  Horizontal view displays text on a continuous single line.  Vertical view is helpful for individuals with tunnel vision (RP).  Word view for larger magnifications or for struggling readers.

What?s more, due to the advanced software used in the ReadEasy Move, even round objects such as cans of food can be read.
The ReadEasy Move  has been specifically designed to be as simple as possible, making it ideal for users of all ages.

Additional Feature Packs

Keypad Feature Pack:
For users requiring additional features such as multi-page documents, finer navigation control, saving, loading, importing, exporting of documents & more!

Low Vision Pack:
Connecting your Move to television or computer screen lets you view your documents in large print, (up to 2x newspaper headline size on a 22? screen), as well as listen to them. Also use it as a magnifier for viewing medicine bottles, photographs & handwritten letters.

Low Vision Touch Pack:
Direct control of your documents with the latest touch screen technology, (screen not included). Just double press on a word to start reading or pan & zoom with your fingers!

Read Easy Brochure

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