ZoomText ImageReader

AI Squared’s ZoomText ImageReader is a software and camera solution that makes printed text accessible to people who are… More

Sci-Voice Lab Solution

Sci-Voice Lab Solution enables your visually impaired students to achieve complete accessibility to hands-on science experiments and encourage a… More

Candy Portable Video Magnifier

Candy is a portable video magnifier designed for visually impaired people on the go. Price:¬† $645.00 Candy’s large 5.0″ LCD display… More

BraillePen 12 Touch

Connect to your smartphone, PC or iOS device; text and email in complete privacy, proof read effectively, do 6-key… More

I.D. Mate Quest

This portable all-in-one talking bar code scanner can be taken anywhere to help you identify¬† products including groceries, medication,… More

ReadEasy Move

A portable machine that reads to you! *Simple to use *Fast & Accurate *Stylish *Transportable *Clear voices *20 languages *Includes custom carry case Price:¬† $2,495.00 w/ Keypad Feature… More

Readit Wand

The Readit Wand is a portable USB camera that turns your PC or laptop into a feature rich reading… More

Language Master Speaking Dictionary

Verbally speaks each letter as it is entered, as well as correctly pronouncing the spelled word with its definition. Price:… More

Franklin Speaking Dictionary and Thesaurus

An all-in-one language teacher. Using its new ClariSpeech, it speaks words and definitions plus it has a large keyboard… More